Fathom Corporate Training Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Donation to LifeWorks Austin Mission to End Youth Homelessness 

Today, Fathom Corporate Trainingmarks the firm’s tenth anniversary as a leading provider of professional development programs and business consulting services. Since its founding, the company has built a stellar reputation for helping global enterprises and recognized brands address a range of critical challenges, contributing to improved employee morale, lower turnover, higher productivity, and increased revenue.

“Employee performance problems and corporate culture clashes can have repercussions well beyond the workplace, impacting customer service, corporate reputation, sales and profit margins,” said John Males, founder and president of Fathom Corporate Training. “At Fathom, we work closely with each client to understand their specific professional development needs, and I’m gratified that during ten years in business we’ve earned the trust of so many large and well-respected corporations throughout central Texas and around the world.”

“LifeWorks Austin is a fierce advocate for youth and families seeking their path to self-sufficiency. We provide a pathway to help more than 4,000 youth and families, many of whom are facing life’s most difficult challenges, including homelessness, trauma, and abuse,” said Susan McDowell, executive director at LifeWorks. “Fathom has donated services to help our key team members prepare professionally for our goal of ending youth homelessness by 2020.”

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Can we all just get along? The importance of team building for successful Mergers & Acquisitions 

The one constant in the business world is that there will always be change. And of course, some types of change are easier to deal with than others.

Mergers and acquisitions represent tremendous change for any company, and the stakes couldn't be any higher. In fact, it’s estimated that U.S. company mergers fail more often than marriages.

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Do You Take This Job, in Sickness and in Health…? 

Recently, while facilitating management training for a client in Austin, one of the company founders commented that their younger, less seasoned staff members have only experienced the recent good times. He was concerned that these employees, who make up the bulk of the firm’s workforce, may not have what it takes to push through volatility and uncertainty in a more challenging economic climate.

In fact, we see this situation with many companies in Austin, which is a vibrant city with a young, well-educated workforce. The median age in Austin is 31 years old, which means a large portion of the population falls into the Millennial category of people born after 1981. Additionally, Austin is home to many high-tech companies and fast-growing start-ups where there is a greater tendency to hire young staff. Read More...

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Is it really a "win-win" deal if one party is unhappy? 

For some people, negotiating is sheer misery. They’re concerned with failing to achieve their goal, or alienating the other party… or both.

And yet, negotiation happens every day. Whether we’re selling products or services, purchasing supplies, negotiating salary and job requirements, obtaining internal resources for project support, or even agreeing on household chores.

Unfortunately, the negotiation process can quickly become combative when one or both parties are focused solely on getting the upper hand and winning at the expense of the other. Rejection of another's proposal can easily cause hurt feelings or result in a power struggle that leads to a stalemate.


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5 Ways LMSs Can Improve Employee Knowledge Retention 

When employee training ends, the countdown begins. According to science (more specifically: Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve), workers will forget up to 50 percent of what they just learned within an hour without revisiting the material.

Within a day? 70 percent.

And within a month? 90 percent!

If you’re a manager or corporate trainer trying to impart important knowledge, these numbers can drive you crazy. How are you supposed to make this stuff stick? Force workers to write sentences on a chalkboard like they’re Bart Simpson?

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Inspiration from Abroad - Professional Excellence in Dubai 

I recently returned from a trip to Dubai, and remain impressed by the continued efforts that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made to encourage professional excellence in all organizations, and at all levels. What can managers and leaders learn about progressive thinking and excellence from Dubai? Quite a bit!

In fact, the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, encourages citizens, businesses and government institutions to stretch themselves to personal and corporate excellence in all endeavors. This thinking is the way things are done in Dubai, with the belief that if all the constituents of a society agree to excel in all fields, different cultures and religions can not only coexist, but will thrive.

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Support for Austin's Best Places to Work 

There are a number of factors that can motivate employees to work hard. A good salary, or a competitive benefits package attracts many workers. But it takes a special workplace to keep employees truly engaged and committed — to inspire them to go above and beyond the call of duty to become real superheroes on behalf of their employers.

Our own Fathom team was pleased to meet a number of these superheroes recently at the Austin Business Journal’s 2016 Best Places to Work event, sponsored in part by Fathom Corporate Training. The top 75 firms in Central Texas were recognized at this epic event attended by more than 700 people. We had a great time at the Fathom booth where we gave away 10 free training classes and other great superhero prizes.

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Timing the Waves in Life and at Work 

In our day-to-day workplace, as in life, we often find ourselves dealing with unresolved issues, confusion and decisions we must make. For most of us, our initial instinct in such situations is to take immediate action in an attempt to resolve the issue. To simply put it behind us, move on and check it off our list. This can, and often does, lead to frustration, stagnating productivity and less than optimal results.

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Does Your Team Create Roadblocks to Customer Satisfaction? 

You’ve invested a lot in your business, with countless hours spent perfecting your products or service features. Unfortunately, those offerings don’t have as much to do with customer satisfaction as you might like. Studies show that 70 percent of the factors affecting customer retention are based on interactions with your staff.

In fact, a well known study by the Customer Contact Council demonstrated that not only does poor customer service drive away existing customers, it also deters new prospects. Interviews with more than 75,000 business and consumer customers showed that while only 25 percent were likely to say something about positive customer service experiences, 65 percent were likely to discuss negative interactions. And nearly 50 percent of customers who had negative experiences told at least ten other people.

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Charting a Course for More Productive Time Management 

Staying focused and productive in the workplace can be a real challenge. Distractions; procrastination; changing priorities — all of these can easily derail even the most dedicated worker.

It’s easy to see how prevalent the problem is just by searching for "time management" on the Internet to see how many self-help articles pop up. Oh wait, that’s part of the problem! Today’s always-connected workforce has a universe of distractions at their fingertips.

Ironically, a recent informal survey asked people to share their favorite time management and productivity tips ... on Facebook. Americans are estimated to spend an excess of 40 minutes per day on that one social networking site alone.

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